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Ps Aloysius Bugingo has used the massively attended Sunday service at his Canaan Land in Kikoni near Makerere to reach out to those who have been troubled and devastated by the ongoing negative media publicity on him.

The bad publicity relates the acrimonious way in which he has parted ways with his wife of 28 years Teddy Namuswa Bugingo.

He told the mamoth congregation that he was brought up very well in a royal family in Masaka where he grew up.

Bugingo said he regrets the devastation millions of his followers, admirers and well-wishers have endured in the past one week.

He said as a big name pastor, who God has raised from the dust in such a very short time, he is obliged to behave in a manner that brings honor to God’s name.

 He said in the Masaka home where he grew up from, he never saw his parents quarrel even once or bring family secrets to the public.

He said even when he isn’t the one who started the public discussion on the dilemma under which he has lived for the last 3 years, he was apologetic over the way in which the negative publicity has affected many well-intentioned friends of his and partners.

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He said it’s his wife and daughter who commenced the media war adding that he doesn’t have control over the media outlets and as such he can’t tell for how long the negative articles will be carried.

He said he was apologizing because his other children (other than Doreen) lead a very low profile reclusive life and he has an obligation to avoid fights that can make them feel scandalized.

Bugingo also said he wasn’t holding any vandetta against Doreen saying as a farher, he delivered the physical Doreen to the world but her inner character is for God to determine.

To the disappointment of  the many (non-Salt) media crew members that had come to Canaan expecting a belligerent Bugingo who would utter many uncharitable controversial things for them to make news, Bugingo said he wasn’t holding anything personal against Teddy or Doreen, a  very outspoken character that is said to be misleading the mother.

Bugingo also said he won’t be going into any more attacks on the  Naluswa issue and declared that he still anticipates or plans to produce yet more children who he doesn’t want to be scandalized because of what he did or said during this hard period. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at 0703164755




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