President Museveni has dared the many opposing artistes who claim the country is unstable and regressing to try staging their concerts in war-torn Somalia.

Museveni’s statements came in Gayaza, Kyadondo East Constituency, while he launched a book cataloging the gains the Muslim Community has made under the NRM government. The book is authored by Sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa, the Kampala regional Khadi.

The remarks were aimed at the constituency legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu as well as his opposition counterparts in the music industry.

“Our development is hinged on the peace we have created. The jobs are coming because of this peace and stability. That is why it is suicidal for anyone to try and destabilise this peace. I hear some entertainers claim Uganda is not peaceful. They are mistaken. They should go to Somalia and do concerts there,” he said.

Museveni had initially released a statement in which he expressed disappointment in opposition elements seeking to discredit government progress.

In the 9-page letter about assemblies and processions, Museveni claimed that there is no cause for processions, but certain elements in the opposition have ill motives bent towards causing controversy and misleading Ugandans.

The president also issued a warning to people who want aim at preaching hate as well as decampaigning investments in Uganda to desist from it.

“If you want to assemble publicly or to procession, it must be for a legitimate reason. If it is to preach hate, to decampaign investments in Uganda etc., then we shall not allow you. Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price.”

Time and again, Bobi Wine has expressed that the country has regressed terribly, urging his people power pressure group to champion a change from Museveni’s regime.

Another artiste, Eddy Kenzo recently released a song dubbed system volongoto, in which he lamented the country is is dire state in every aspect, hence needs a lot of saving.

Police recently blocked a concert for Bobi Wine at One Love Beach Busabala citing he had not achieved the requirements to host the event.

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