As the general elections continue drawing closer, celebrated singing lawmaker Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has decided to get redeemed and get closer to God.

Besides quitting favorite drinks and drugs recently, Bobi Wine sought an appointment with the renown religious activist Father Gaetano to renew his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Dear God, look upon this young man. Who has surrendered to your will, to do your will among his people in Uganda. Be with him, give him courage, give him the strength. Let him know that you are his shield to guide him wherever he goes. Let the truth come from his mouth, let justice be his shield. May him and those who work with him forever remember our motto.” For God and our country.” Bless him Lord. Amen.” Father Gaetano said in the prayer.

This moving prayer comes just a day after Bobi Wine and seasoned politicians Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the People’s Government officials decided to join hands in bid to create a stronger foundation a head of the looming 2021 general elections.

According to the Memorandum of understanding reached with the different stakeholders, they all agreed to front one joint candidate, campaign together and protect the votes together something that continues to motivate several voters.  

“To this end, we call upon all our supporters, members and leaders to focus our energy and resources towards quickly ending the 33-year NRM/M7 Junta and building a free and democratic society,” reads one of the statements.

It adds: “We not attack each other or create disharmony amongst the forces of change. Our words and actions towards each other should always reflect the spirit of comradeship.”

It goes on: “These include unlawful arrests, detentions and torture, unlawful blocking of legitimate activities, violently breaking up meetings and functions, blocking media engagements, etc. To this end, we agreed to jointly resist all violations against our freedoms of speech, expression, assembly, movement, conscience, etc.”


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