In bid to strengthen and reshape engineering in Africa, all is set for the prestigious FIDIC-GAMA conference from 12th to 14th May at Kampala Serena Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

FIDIC-GAMA is a critical regional gathering and networking event providing a forum for engineers, contractors, government officials, private investors, funding agencies, construction equipment and material suppliers to discuss and tackle infrastructure development issues in a continental context.

The conference draws 100s of attendees and is rocked by social events like dinners, galas, exhibitions among other.

FIDIC-GAMA 2019 is the 26th annual conference and being held in Uganda for the 3rd time. It is a conference created by consulting engineers for the world we live in, with real-hands-on work and in-depth understanding of the engineering provided by the industry’s key experts and opinion leaders.

According to the organizers, those in the engineering practice as well as those who are material suppliers, have more reasons to just attend this gathering and among issues to be tackled is:

#1. Know your position at the infrastructure-economic growth interface 

#2. Have value from top notch profitable networking sessions

#3. Establish long lasting business and professional partnerships

#4. Experience human connection and great inspiration

#5. Explore Uganda as a Consulting Engineer

Additionally, the conference serves as a forum for key trendsetters, industry practitioners to discuss the ways forward for the continent, businesses and the engineering sector in Africa.

Unlike past events of its kind that have been held in other countries, this year’s conference shall be focusing on what works in Africa. It also tries to import some case studies from beyond Africa. A lot of discussion is centered around:

  1. Regional infrastructural projects as a catalyst for economic development.
  2. Emerging approaches to infrastructure development
  3. Sharing best practices to enhance sustainability in engineering design and implementation
  4. Smart and resilient infrastructure for sustainable development Facilitator
  5. Plus, a lot more…

Young professionals in engineering are equally called to attend specially dedicated breakout session for them. Suppliers, Vendors, Manufacturers all have a lot to grab from this conference.

Overall, FIDIC-GAMA 2019 humbly boasts corporate networking, fun, entertainment, critical topics for our growth etc.

FIDIC-GAMA 2019 seeks to impress you with its keynote speakers like PLO Lumumba

Previous attendees say FIDIC-GAMA is not just a conference, it’s a two-day whirlwind of brilliant consultants, engineers, innovative speakers, new ideas and thought-provoking takeaways. It’s an event that connects like-minded professionals from all over Africa and the world to join one major conversation and collaborate on the new state of Africa.

Beyond learning from other attendees, FIDIC-GAMA’s educational breakout sessions are world-class. At #fidicgama2019, there are over 18 speakers from countries like Tunisia, South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda etc. In addition to the incredible breakout sessions, FIDIC-GAMA 2019 seeks to impress you with its keynote speakers like PLO Lumumba and spotlight paper presenters including Mr. Ian Massey, Eng. Paul Karekezi, Ms. Allen C. Kagina, Eng. Samson Bagonza and more.

Visit the conference website to learn more: www.fidicgama2019.com  


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