Dr. Margaret Mary Musoke, the wife of former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, has run to court, seeking termination of their 45-year marriage over alleged numerous extra-marital affairs.

Dr. Musoke, in her suit before the High Court Family Division, states that she has suffered distress and abuse due to her husband’s infidelity.

She states that since 1982/83, Prof Bukenya has committed adultery with a number of women, among them Teddy Ndagire, Stella Njuba, Margaret Kabasinguzi Nyabongo and Jamila Nakku.

“The respondent has had several other extra marital affairs, which have been highly publicised in the media much in my shame and ridicule. These women, among others, include a popular musician, Ms Irene Namubiru, and Princess Sheila Nvanungi, among others,” Dr. Musoke’s suit filed on 7th May reads in part.

She adds that the former VP has since abandoned his home.

“The respondent has not spent a night at the family home in Ntinda since July 2012. Before that, he would only visit briefly in October 2011 to attend mass following his release from prison. Since July 2012, he has only visited once in May 2015,” she says.

“The respondent has for the last 10 years taken residence at another country home at Garuga, Katomi where he is known to host scandalous sensual parties, including the infamous bikini parties with young girls and city socialites, much to the embarrassment of your petitioner and her family,” Dr Musoke adds.

She says Prof Bukenya’s behavoiur has caused her stress and she can no longer live with him.

“The respondent  has deserted your petitioner at the family/matrimonial home, engaged in endless instances of adultery and infidelity and subjected your petitioner to endless distress and abuse amounting to cruelty,” Dr Musoke states in the suit documents.

Court asked Prof. Bukenya to file his defence against the suit within 15 days.


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