President Museveni in a direct condolence message to minister Ronald Kibuule urged him to accept death when it comes, because it is part of humanity and never leaves.

Museveni’s condolence message was delivered by Kibuule during the burial of the minister’s twins; Rayden Waswa and Raymon Kato in Kapeke village, Nama Sub-county Mukono District, yesterday.

Kibuule claimed that Museveni who was absent during the burial, had called him on phone to condole.

“Among the things the president told me when he called this morning, is that I should be brave for death because this is just the beginning. He told me death happens, it has been there and it will be there even after these kids. I am ready to be strong,” Kibuule said.

The minister however said he will not follow the advice of the President who was present while dedicating the deceased twins in 2017. According to Kibuule, the president had advised him to stop producing when he got the twins.

“Please Mr Vice President, tell the President that despite his advice, I am going back to the field to replace the twins. He told me not to get more kids after these twins but they are now gone, tell him I have started warming up to replace them. I am already in the field,” Kibuule said amidst a cheering audience.

Kibuule’s twins were the 9th in the family, with the minister already having seven children.

The minister on another note said the death of his children has only invoked his divine intuition and he will work towards reuniting with them in heaven.

“They had not started speaking, so surely where else would they have gone if not heaven? Now that I know where they are, I will have to go work hard to find them. I need to start seeking for my visa to heaven,” Kibuule said.

Just like Museveni, speaker after speaker told the family that death is for all of us, they console the family with personal stories of relatives, children of close associates they have lost even under worse scenarios.

Minister Ruth Nakabirwa told Kibuule she had lost a son in a swimming pool yet he was perfect swimmer.

Minister Jennifer Namuyangu also console Kibuule with a story of her 2-year-old child who drowned in a bucket halfway full.

Kibuule said these scenarios have strengthened him, and given him the feeling he is not alone. He however asked his constituents to give one final consolation in 2021 and vote him back to parliament.

In her speech, Ms Fortunate Kibuule implored her husband not to use the trying moment to apportion blame.

“Let us not play blame games at the moment, these were our kids and it was just their time. Even if they hadn’t died in the swimming pool, they would have died another way. Let us console each other and accept God’s decision,” she said.



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