Noeline Nabweteme, the woman who has become household name following media reports she had mothered a child with singer George Williams Kigozi alias Geo Steady, has finally realised she has been referring to the wrong person.

Nabweteme, first appeared on NBS TV’s uncut show vehemently accusing the singer of abandoning her with child. The teary Nabweteme then claimed she had been in touch with the singer who has deliberately refused to provide necessary assistance to the family.

Nabweteme claimed that despite the singer accepting the child was his, he continuously played hide and seek, only managing to send Shs10,000 once in a blue moon.

A riled Geo Steady later mounted a hunt for Nabweteme, found her and dragged her to a near by clinic for a DNA test. However, with results pending, Nabweteme started backtracking in accusations.

Nabweteme now claimed she had returned to her senses and found out who the real father to her child was. She quickly fell to her knees and started mumbling apologies.

“I am sorry for everything I have taken you through. I was confused by people who took pictures and videos of me and the child and they started sharing them on social media,” she said.

“I had no idea what they were up to and I had nothing to do since they are the ones taking care of me. I was also angry as well because of their actions,” Nabweteme added.

At the same clinic, another man who calls self Geo Steady appeared and claimed the child. People present got to learn that the particular man, an artiste also in his own right had picked Nabweteme while hanging out at Nyondo pub along Entebbe road, under the guise of being Geo Steady the original artiste.

However, there is talk that the singer is only trying to market his upcoming music concert and using this scandal as means to seek pre-concert steam.




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