President Yoweri Museveni has said it is the duty of all leaders to solve the problems of the people through guidance sensitization and implementation.

“Poverty is present amongst our people and our task is to eradicate it. We want you to use the roads that the NRM government has built to improve our lives. We do not want spectators in the development process,” he said.

The President was yesterday addressing 2,200 leaders from the district, sub County level and local councils as part of his national job and wealth creation campaign tours at the Oyam Town Council grounds in Oyam District.

“I called you here because this is the old way of sending messages. My message is not new, but I want to repeat it here to the leaders right from the local councils, sub-county and district. We are all leaders with the same challenges,” he said, before urging them to mobilise their people in the fight against household poverty through jobs and wealth creation.

“When it comes to wealth creation, many people are just spectators. 68% of homes in Uganda are not in the field playing the fight against poverty, it is time to stop watching and join the fight,” he said.

The President described local leaders as priests who should never tire preaching to the people the gospel of jobs and wealth creation.

“I don’t remember Pope Francis Coming to Lira. Mzee Obote invited the Pope here in 1969 and I also invited two Popes here but all stopped in Gulu, Kasese and Kampala. But religion is continuing. The Bishop of Canterbury never comes here or the Muftis’. What makes religions to grow deep are the priests who spread the message. Many times we talk but things are not implemented,” he said.

The President assured the Lango leaders that government was fully committed to the fight against poverty saying it had already identified 7 major ways of generating wealth and jobs alongside commercial agriculture, industrialization, ICT, Services sector.

“Embrace the 4 acre production plan for the production of poultry, mushrooms, zero grazing for dairy, piggery and growing onions and many others. Reserve the growing of maize, tobacco, cotton and rearing of indigenous cows for people owning large pieces of land,” he said.

He said that plans were underway to introduce palm oil production in the sub region and save Uganda the bill of US $ 200 million per annum and that the introduction of small scale firms including that of hides and skins that should be locally processed will enable the youth to generate income by making shoes.

He said that both the small scale and large scale factories would go a long way towards enhancing incomes.

The President said government will soon introduce enterprise centered SACCOs that will be easily be accessed by the local people to support their enterprises, adding that the SACCO Fund will be managed directly by his office.

He urged the leaders to sensitize the people against land fragmentation saying it devalues land and kills production.

He said leaders should encourage families to share what comes out of the land in terms of shares rather than splitting the land.

The Minster of Lands Betty Amongi assured President Museveni that they would work with him for the development of Lango Sub Region.

The State Minister for Defence Okello Engola saluted the President for his good leadership.


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