NRM national treasurer Rose Namayanja’s decision to acquiesce to her husband Mr. Nsereko’s bid to become the next MP Nakaseke South constituency has sparked anxiety and deepened divisions amongst NRM leaders and members in the area currently represented by DP strongman Lutamaguzi Semakula.

Opinion in the NRM is divided whether anyone who isn’t Mr. Nsereko can have the muscle to adequately take on Lutamaguzi in the 2021 general elections. Nsereko’s supporters have insisted the likes of ex-RDC Sula Serunjogi, Arthur Nkalubo, Sebunya, Zzake and Fr. Byansi are just spoilers out to spoil the NRM chances like was the case in 2016 when Lutamaguzi rode on the multiple NRM candidates in the race to cruise to victory.

Consequently, there are proposals to give each one of them some money and bow out in favor of Mr. Nsereko who supporters insist he is the only one with a strong chance to give the outspoken Lutamaguzi of DP a run for his money.

Unfortunately, so far majority of them have refused to listen to Namayanja’s wish to have them give way for Mr. Nsereko. They have vowed that no amount of money or even intimidation will cause them back off their resentment towards Mr. Nsereko. Fr. Byansi, who is a Catholic Church renegade now part of Fr. Jacinto Kibuka, is the only one so far said to be prepared to give way for Mr. Nsereko.

Rose Namayanja’s husband who wants to run for Nakaseke South MP Seat

Critics already accuse Nsereko of being the sole political beneficiary of much of the charity works Namayanja (who was MP for 20 years) has been carrying out under her Namayanja Foundation. They claim that some of the hoes and pangas the Foundation has been donating are procured through the Luwero Triangle Ministry using the tax payers’ money to unfairly bolster Mr. Nsereko at the expense of the others. Mr. Nsereko’s campaign fliers are already visible in Nakaseke South which some NRM diehards, led by a one Bigyemano, have been pushing for elevation to Municipality status in a manner that politically overcomes Lutamaguzi.

Yet more wars are awaiting Mr. Nsereko including the one relating to claims that LC5 Vice Chairman Richard Muvuma is using his position to dish out government goodies, especially the youth funds, in a manner aimed at bolstering his sister Omumbejja Juliet Nakalema’s efforts (of DP) to become the next woman MP for Nakaseke. In order to ensure Mr. Nsereko, a resident of Bukakala village in Semuto Sub County, remains on top Namayanja camp supporters recently blocked the district youth programs ostensibly claiming Mavuma was using them to bolster his own sister’s political calculations ahead of 2021. So all those sympathetic to Mavuma and the now deprived youth have now ganged up vowing to work day and night to ensure Mr. Nsereko gets politically humiliated regarding his bid to carry the NRM flag for 2021. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at mulengera2040@gmail.com).

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