Naughty socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has broken up with her new Mzungu fiancee a day after engagement, because –wait for it –because – because he is broke and old! Never mind that it all sounds like a badly-scripted Nigerian movie.

Bad black allegedly got engaged last Saturday, a development
the socialite seriously hyped up on social media before it happened. Before her
said fiancée arrived in the country , Bad Black revealed that her local boyfriend
Chris West would through the period of her engagement turn into her brother and
get introduced to the Mzungu man as his brother-in-law-to-be.

On Saturday night Bad Black went on to share on all her social media platforms the pictures of herself and the Mzungu man out on a date, indicating that the pictures were from the proceedings of their engagement affair.

Now Bad Black says she has broken up with the new Mzungu man less than two days after he became her fiancée, because he is old. Writing on her Snapchat platform, Bad black has indicated that she has suddenly discovered the Mzungu has no capacity to complete her needs and is old, and for that matter she can’t keep a broke, old sugar daddy in the name of engagement while there are many others with dollars who are chasing her.

“I know my worth, can’t keep a broke old sugar daddy in
names of engagement, while I still have 5 of them who always fund me Dollars,
am sorry for disappointment but have returned the ring to the owner, I will not
ruin my children’s life with broke old men , I thought he was rich that’s why
took him to safari to test unfortunately exams failed, Just here waiting for morning
to drop him to Airport, he goes out of my country as well while waiting for
Daddy Jesse 3,” Bad Black said.

Here’s Bad Black’s full post:




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