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The cyber warfare between Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko and Bobi’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi Sentamu (trying to oust him in 2021) has escalated following a dirty dossier that emerged on social media this Monday morning allegedly authored by Gen Salim Saleh.

Dated 17th May 2019, the voluminous dossier is presented as a leaked intelligence brief by Gen Saleh to his boss President Museveni updating him on the progress being made to plant moles, spies and 5th columnists in the Mr. Wine’s PP camp. The dossier has many very intriguing details including singer Jose Chameleon being used as a conduit to deliver colossal sums of money to Bobi’s brothers so that they pressurize him to abandon his 2021 presidential ambitions. It also paints Bobi’s blogger Ashburg Kato as a mole using Mr. Wine to make quick buck.

In an interview with Mulengera News, Nyanzi said he had read the dossier and demanded that government should come out and clarify because his name shouldn’t be destroyed for nothing when he is innocent. The dossier paints him as a money-minded person who is using the PP momentum to cut deals with the NRM and enrich himself. “We are actually preparing a robust response to that thing because it came to our attention this morning but as we prepare, the government should take lead and issue a statement setting the record straight,” said Nyanzi who is eyeing the MP Kampala Central job in 2021.

He said though he was investigating malicious actors that could have originated the very dirty dossier, he can’t rule out incumbent Kampala Central Mohammed Nsereko being a beneficiary of them same. For starters, Nsereko is the man Nyanzi wants to oust and unfortunately our efforts to get his comment were futile as his known phone lines were switched off each time we tried to ring. But it’s not hard to understand the background to this counter-accusations game. Only two weeks earlier, an audio emerged on social media claiming Nsereko had sneaked into Magere Bobi’s residence with a deal from State House proposing money for Mr. Wine to denounce his political ambitions.

Nsereko took to the same cyber space and denied the contents therein and implied it was the Nyanzi camp behind this very damaging audio which portrayed him as a political entrepreneur. Nyanzi (himself a former NRM mobilizer after acrimoniously quitting DP) maintains that after 10 years, it’s time for Nsereko to leave the space for him to also infuse his own ideas and approaches to the struggle for a better Uganda. And indeed in PP Nyanzi is these days portrayed as the overall boss in Kampala Central for all political operations the amorphous pressure group will be undertaking in the run up to 2021. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.       




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