Manchester United coaches Mike Neary and Chris O’Brien will for the next two days pass on knowledge to 128 students from Excel Soccer Academy through an ongoing partnership between the English Premiership side Manchester United and Kansai Plascon.

Excel Soccer academy that started in 2011 focuses on using soccer as an environment in which young boys and girls are taught values that include respect, teamwork and ambition.

Announcing the partnership

“Our hope is that in the future through such partnerships, we can expose more of our over 1000 students to trainings of this caliber,” added Patrick Gyawambadde, a Director at Excel Soccer Academy.

“We would like to see these children and many other grow into responsible contributors to the Ugandan society. Soccer academies like this one are Kansai Plascon’s way of investing in the future of Uganda,” said Lungi Koni the Regional Manager Special Projects, Kansai Plascon.

Some of the kit to be used

Mike Neary empahasised that having 128 students will ensure that each child they work with gets their full attention.

Getting down to basics with the academy

“With a smaller group,we are able to concentrate on them,engage with them one on one,and make sure that they leave after two days with lifelong soccer skills,” added Neary.

A lucky child who took part in a raffle draw conducted earlier won an original Manchester United jersey signed by Manchester United player Anthony Martial.

Neary and O’Brien follow a visit from Quiton Fortune a Manchester United Legend who was in Kampala last week to engage with Kansai Plascon winners who had taken part in a radio and digital soccer based competition to win signed jerseys from Manchester United.

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