ICT State Minister Idah Erios Nantaba continues to say she lives in daily fear for her life, as killers dispatched by ‘big government officials’ are after her.

While addressing a congregation at Bukolooto Seventh Day Adventists Church in Kayunga district last Saturday, Nantaba referenced the March 24 incident in which Police shot dead one Ronald Sebulime on allegations of trailing her car, and once again said that ‘big people in government’ want her dead.

“As Ugandans we have more than 10,000 questions on who is choosing which Ugandan to kill like chicken. I was going to be the next, but God saved me,” Nantaba said to the congregation, adding that she knows they are still after her.

The ICT minister also spoke about the general trend of killing of high-profile people in the country, saying gunmen killing prominent Ugandans are not agents of Allied Democratic Front (ADF) rebel group as Police previously said but are assassins from state security organs.

“Truth is the killers are within security and government,” Nantaba said, “And the masterminds of the killings are highly-placed government and security officials who are ‘untouchables’ and ‘Mafias’” the minister added, throwing in the ‘Mafia’ word which Ugandans commonly use to refer to powerful individuals who orbit within in the highest circles of government and use their influence to do ‘wrong’ things.

There have been previous incidents of politicians and security officials being killed in cold blood by hit-and-run gunmen, among them former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, former Police Spokesperson Andrew Kaweesa, former Buyende District Mohammad Kirumira who were shot dead in the previous two years.

On behalf of Police, the force spokesman Fred Enanga said that they have no records of Nantaba’s complaint about threats to her life.




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