Kanungu — The Bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese, Rt Rev Dan Zoreka, has said the future of the country will depend on the shaping of the young generation, and asked parents and community members to end child neglect and abuse.

Officiating at the opening of a four-day women’s conference in Kihihi Archdeaconry organised by Rev Ven Justus Tibesigwa on Friday, Bishop Zoreka said children have been neglected and parents do not talk to them to show them the right way.

He added that the conditions children are living in are not favourable for their prosperity.

“Our children today are abused, they are given work that doesn’t suit them, many have been neglected, abused and are subjected to torture. Praise God if you see yourself still doing well for your children.

“These children will be here when we are not. As a nation, we must rise and work together to nurture the children so that when time comes, we get gifts from them,” Bishop Zoreka said.

He said parents need to create time for their children and instil in them good values instead of trusting schools.

He added: “These days, there are many things that pull us away; many parents are busy, they are looking for money in all ways. A parent can be busy and the whole week passes without talking to their children.”

The conference attracted more than 1,500 women from various parishes.

Topics covered include attitude change, confidence-building, economic empowerment and personal development.

“You can’t nurture a child without money, you must be empowered economically; you can’t parent when you don’t have food thus you must be a hardworking mother who has food; you can’t nurture a child when you are not a good example you must be a good example as a mother and a parent so that when a child is being nurtured, he sees you as a symbol of love,” Bishop Zoreka said.

Businessman James Musinguzi Garuga asked women to develop self-confidence and should not take husbands as providers but partners in development if they want their families to succeed.


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