Cabinet on Monday approved the creation of new cities which were approved by parliament in 2015.

The new cities which are provided for under the second five-year National Development Plan (NDPII) are, Arua, Mbarara, Gulu, Jinja, Fort Portal, Entebbe, Hoima, Mbale and Lira.

According to a statement by government spokesman Ofwono Opondo, the new cities will be constituted as follows:

Arua City will be made up of Arua Central Division and Ayivu Division

Mbarara City: Mbarara North Division, Mbarara South Division

Gulu City: Laaro- Pece Dvisison, Bardege – Layibi Division

Jinja City: Jinja North Divisison, Jinja South Divisison

Fort Portal City: Fort Portal Central Division, Fort Portal North Division.

The above cities will commence operation in July 2020.

Mbale city will be made up of Industrial Division and North Division

Hoima City: Hoima East, Hoima West Divisions

(The two cities commence operations in July 2021)

Lira city will be made up of Lira West Division and Lira East Divisions

Entebbe City will be made up of Entebbe Central Division and Entebbe North.

These two will commence operations in July 2022.

According to cabinet, creation of new cities is hoped to increase Urban Infrastructure services like tarmac roads, improved waste management, water services, effective and efficient Physical development and planning and implementation:



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