The death toll in the Lake Albert boat accident now stands at twelve following an operation by the locals together with the police and UPDF marines.

Following the search, 10 more bodies were retrieved from the water to add on the two that were confirmed to have died following a Sunday afternoon boat accident on Lake Albert.

According to police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, the ill fated boat was not inspected by the Ministry of Works and it didn’t have enough life jackets.

” The boat didn’t have enough life jackets, they didn’t have an operating license and a number plate,” Enanga addressed the press.

Police blamed the accident on bad weather on the lake.

The boat was taking football fans and their players from Fofo Landing site in Buseruka Sub-county to participate in football and netball games when the accident happened.

According to a survivor, the boat had about 70 occupants as it was carrying two teams to play football and netball with their fans and the boat crew.

Police records indicate that only 32 managed to swim to the shore which leaves the rest unaccounted for.

Minister of Works, Gen. Katumba Wamala has called upon the public to be vigilant and register before getting on any water vessel.

“People should always register and get used to it. No one knows who was on the boat and how many they were. People should learn from this.” He said.

Police is expected to continue with the operations today.

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