Ministry of Water and Environment in conjunction with Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (KaZARDI) have embarked on a new campaign aimed at reducing the negative effects of climate change in Kigezi region.

Dr. Alex Barekye, the KaZARDI director says the institute has allocated 2 sites to the Ministry of Water and Environment on its land, of about 5 acres in Kacwekano, Rubanda district for demonstration on how to deal with modern challenges of climatic change.

Dr. Barekye says Kigezi region has been facing challenges of floods, storms and landslides which affect farming in the area.

He says the ministry contacted them to help in an environmental campaign that led to their response.

“We feel that a combined effort is all that is needed to have these environmental challenges dealt with.  Various approaches are going to be applied on these sites using high technology and eventually our farmers will be directed in the right path towards better production,” said Barekye.

Amos Mutayomba, a research officer at KaZARDI said the two sites will demonstrate how farmers could control floods from sweeping away their plantations through the establishment of biophysical structures for soil and water conservation.

The same sites will also show how farmers can rehabilitate biophysical structures for water and soil conservation.

The campaign will also include training of farmers on how to set up bench terraces, use grass bands, gabions, check dams and agro forestry tree lines.

“Our centre will be hosting farmers from the region and its neighborhood to learn how to apply these techniques,” he said.

Rogers Akatwijuka, the Kabale district natural resources officer says most farmers in the district experience losses during bad weather due to their continued use of poor farming methods.

“Our farmers have the potential to survive losses if they are well directed in their endeavours. We are sure that this is possible if it is done properly with relevant expertise,” said Akatwijuka.

Richard Musoota, the head of the Victoria Water Management Zone from the Ministry of Water and Environment said the intervention from KaZARDI is one of those approaches they are currently implementing in their move to protect the Maziba Water catchment area.

This is being realised in the Enhancing Resilience of Communities to Climate Change through Catchment Based Integrated Management of Water and Related Resources in Uganda (EURECCCA project).

The Project aims at increasing the resilience of communities to the risk of floods and landslides in the catchments of Maziba, Aswa and Awoja through promoting catchment based integrated, equitable and sustainable management of water and related resources.



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