For those of
you that don’t remember the Range Rover video that went viral in 2016. I am
sure you have come across or rubbed shoulders with the beautiful Martha Kay who
became a social media sensation after her Range Rover video went viral.

Martha Kay and her dream car

Martha Kay
who was then in her last year at campus almost got knocked down by a Range
Rover later did a video narrating her experience. The video turned out to be a game
changer introducing her into the world of celebrities in Uganda.

Well it is 3
years down the road and Martha Kay has not yet achieved her  dream of owning a Range Rover. As she
celebrates her birthday today, the comedian has kept her hopes alive of driving
her dream car.

She took to her
social media platforms to remind all her well-wishers that her hands are
broadly open to welcome the car. 

 “May this be the year that I finally get a
Range Rover as a birthday gift,” Martha posted.

We at
Matooke Republic wish her a happy birthday and hope her new age comes with the
dream car.




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