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Long serving Nakifuma County MP Eng Kafeero Sekitoleko famously began the campaign to scrap age limit to allow Museveni rule beyond 75 years. This was as early as 2016. He is the man who first tried to remove age limit but was blocked by Speaker Kadaga who said that was the role of cabinet.

But nevertheless, the age limit was later scrapped during the Togikwatako fracas of December 2017 through a private members’ bill sponsored by Raphael Magyezi. But to the Nakifuma residents, Kafeero remains a condemned man for his pioneering efforts to scrap the age limit.

The Nakifuma crowd was deliberate and keenly listened to everything Mr. Wine had to say to them

Proof Nakifuma residents loved Bobi Wine more than their leader Patricko Mujjuka


Bobi Wine re-energizes the Kafeero Sekitoleko ouster efforts in Nakifuma

Its this discontent that CBS radio presenter and comedian Patricko Mujjuka has been riding on to demonize Eng Sekitoleko who State House is ready to back at whatever cost to ensure that he remains in office as Nakifuma MP even when voters clearly want him out.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Mujjuka engaged a higher gear when he delivered Bobi Wine to a crowd that had been waiting since morning at Nakifuma playground.

There was excitement and trumpeting as the political collosus from Magere arrived at the venue accompanied by a long procession of hooting Boda riders. This is surely bad news for Eng Sekitoleko who will need divine intervention to survive the Mujjuka political tornado in 2021. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.




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