The Alliance
for National Transformation has today proved to have not suffered a still birth
but claimed to have given birth to an elephant as they officially launched the
party today at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The Alliance for National Transformation leader Gen. Mugisha Muntu

 Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Alice Alaso have been
unveiled as the party leader and deputy respectively together with a team of
regional coordinators. While addressing the guests, Muntu said that unity is
the only war worth fighting and ATN has been formed on that foundation.

he says they are not in the political arena to dream, ask or offer the

“ANT will be
a party that delivers what it has promised. We are not asking Ugandans to do
the impossible, we want Ugandans to realize that when working together, even
the most difficult problems can be overcome,” Mugisha Muntu said.

“Most times,
we criticize the current regime over many things that are physical but to me,
the worst form of damage is when you crash the spirits of the people. That is
what we must change in this country,” he added.

ATN also
officially unveiled the party colors (red, orange and purple) and their
symbolism. Alaso the Party deputy President stated that integrity, hard-work,
gender and equity, internal democracy will be their daily menu discourse.

Bobi Wine,
Abed Bwanika, Nobert Mao, Winnie Kiiza and Mike Mabikke were among opposition
heavyweights that graced the event.




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