Opposition FDC Strongman Col Dr Kizza Besigye has said one of the reasons he hasn’t commanded an armed uprising against the ruling NRM under President Yoweri Museveni is because fire arms are hard to come by.

Besigye told FDC leaders from Wakiso District who met him at the party offices in Najjanankumbi, that while many people have approached him with the armed uprising option, he still believes it is not only expensive, but unlikely to deliver the intended results, which is to return power back to the people.

“Fighting with guns is not something I only hear about… I know about it and it works. It can get you to power,” Besigye explained.

“But the reason we don’t support the use of guns is, one; they are hard to get. In fact, it is a crime being found with a gun. Even buying it is illegal if government has not permitted. You therefore have to get the weapons the hard way.”

The scarcity fire arms, according to the former 4-time presidential candidate, is compounded by the fact that those that are willing to use them are few.

“Guns are scary. So even those that want to hold them are not many. Even if we said, the war has arrived, the guns are in that building; only a handful will enter. And even if one determines to enter, the moment they get outside and hear gunshots from the other side, they’ll dump it and run.”

“Therefore, a scary war, with very few weapons, means that the fighters in it will be very few.”

Besigye’s party the FDC has over the past years hemorrhaged many of its top leaders, who disagreed on the right path to be taken, to topple the NRM regime.

One of the most recent to leave the party was Gen Mugisha Muntu, who served as the FDC President from 2012 to 2017.

During Besigye’s speech today at Najjanankumbi, Muntu was at Kampala Serena Hotel launching is new party the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

In his address to the party leaders, Besigye defended his “radical” approach toward the NRM government, but vowed that it would never descend to the point of an armed struggle, despite the urge.

“We believe that you have to fight to forcefully regain what was forcefully taken away from you,” he said.

“But when people hear you talk of using force, they get excited and then say, “now give us the machines.”

Among other reasons he hasn’t opted for guns, Besigye said, is that guns don’t help solve Uganda’s fundamental problem of “taking power away from the gun holders.”

“Even we fought today with our few guns and won, those who didn’t fight will have no leverage over us to relinquish power back to them,” he said.

“Fighting with guns only changes the country from one armed rule to another armed rule.”

“Therefore the war we have chosen is one of fighting without guns against those with guns. This war however, remains a guerrilla war, even without guns.”


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