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The DP leadership has cautiously responded to the Facebook rant by Bobi Wine in which he disparaged their efforts to continue speaking to big man Yoweri Museveni under the auspices of IPOD.

In a Tuesday late evening Facebook rant, Mr. Wine put the gloves off and called the IPOD meeting (which saw Mao & others wait for the unrepentant Mr. Museveni for more than 10 hours) “a complete joke.”

In an unusually short rant, that spread like bush fire and reached millions of people in just hours, Mr. Wine said such meetings only help to sanitize the brutality Mr. Museveni’s security forces continue subjecting Ugandans to.

Saying his message was aimed at those who genuinely are change-seeking, Mr. Wine called it abominable to unconditionally share a platform with a very unrepentant man whose hands he said were dripping with innocent blood.

Mr. Wine calls photo moments like this nothing but political cleansing rituals for Mr. Museveni

He said he believes in dialogue but perfect dialogue can only be one between Mr. Museveni and free opposition leaders and not those whose hands remain tied and yet continue to be called for dialogue.

Mr. Wine’s Facebook rant sparked an instant frenzy with many online Ugandan warriors saying his guiadance on the IPOD confusion was long overdue.

In a Mulengera News interview this Wednesday morning, Fred Mwesigwa (a PA to Norbert Mao and communication manager in DP) explained the Facebook rant can’t complicate thier relationship as DP Bloc and Mr. Wine.

He said “as DP we consider Hon Kyagulanyi to be our foster child because its the party of his ancestors. We maybe uncomfortable with what he said about IPOD but its his view and as DP we respect diversity and can’t criminalize him. He remains our ally and its a political relationship we value very much. And by the way we don’t have to agree on everything. That’s why Florence Nakiwala remains Deo Kiyinvi’s wife even when she is a Minister and he is DP. Salaam remains Isaac Musumba’s wife even when he is a Museveni Minister and she is Vice President in FDC.”

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DP President Norbert Mao, Kibirige Mayanja and Kasule Lumumba patiently sit at Protea hotel Entebbe to wait for President Museveni to have the IPOD meeting. It was a long wait that lasted more than 10 hours & on arrival Mr. Museveni didn’t consider himself obliged to apologize to his IPOD colleagues

Mwesigwa also explained that as DP they don’t regret the IPOD meetings with Museveni listing the Museveni directive to increase party funding from Shs10bn to Shs35bn as one of the achievements from the two IPOD Summit meetings they have had so far.

“Let me tell you my brother much more is going to be achieved because there are things Museveni can’t change however cunning he might intend to be. He can’t become young again even if he gathers all pastors in Namboole to pray for a miracle. He is very frail and he will finally have to ease out and that’s the comfort we are trying to give him that look here you can leave presidency and nothing will happen to you,” says Mwesigwa, a DP veteran who (along with Deo Njoki) has thickly been involved in IPOD schemes since the days of Sebaana Kizito as DP President.

In a related development, Police has (according to reunion activist Henry Lubowa) reached understanding with the DP leadership and in writing permited the Jinja reunion rally slated for 29th May.
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