Jaguza Tech, a Ugandan-grow technology firm that innovates to ease livestock farming in Africa, has unveiled an online Jaguza E-Commerce platform through which farmers can sell their products as well as buy agricultural inputs.

Ronald Katamba, the CEO and founder of Jaguza Tech, says the aim of this new online platform is to increase the options of farmers when selling their products or buying equipment to use on their farmers. This, he says, will see farmers focus on what they do best: rearing animals, without having to worry about the marketing side.

“Farmers who are looking for a quick market for their products always end up getting the least price because of limited market.  With this application, the farmers will be able to access a broader market” he said

Agriculture remains the major income generator for the vast majority of households in Africa and particularly in Uganda. However, this sector still remains underdeveloped with several challenges.

For instance, a recent study have shown that some of the key challenges farmers in Africa are facing, aside from limited access to finances, include presence of multiple middlemen who affect how much farmers earn,  scattered agricultural holdings which make marketing of agriculture products difficult, and limited tools of collecting information and relaying it to people who need it.

Jaguza’s online market seeks to address some of the above challenges. For instance, through the app or the web platform, farmers can sell their products directly to the end user, they can set their own prices, reach lots of buyers without having to transport their products to a distant, difficult-to-reach market.

Reports also indicate that middlemen, at times, alter products hence harming the reputations of farmers, there’s also a problem of lack of uniform standardization. But with Jaguza’s platform, farmers have full control of their products and the company rigorously analyses what’s sold on the platform before a farmer is allowed to work with the with platforms like Jaguza’s marketplace, this will contribute immensely to studying the market so that farmers can always produce according to market statistics.

Despite Agriculture being the major source of income for most Ugandans especially those in rural areas, it is still underfunded by government, receiving less than 5% of the GDP. This means that it’s upon the private sector to find ways of solving the problems that affect the sector in Uganda and Africa at large

“It is upon us, the private sector to find lasting solutions to the challenges that face Africa today though innovation. I believe this application will go a long way in helping farmers to find ease and favorable market for their goods as well as those who are looking for genuine agricultural products” he said


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