If you’re one of those who think that being president is such a hard task that needs unique qualities, Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga shares a different point of view from yours. Katikiro Mayiga is certain that anyone can be President as long as one can respect the rule of law.

Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

“…Uganda only
requires good governance,” said Katikiro Mayiga explaining that; “There is no
one who should lie that being a President is a daunting task. It needs a few
qualities, respect of rule of law and common sense. In my work, I welcome
everyone as long as they respect our heritage and king.”

The Buganda
Kingdom Premier highly believes that there is nothing wrong for the young people
to demand and stand for political offices. He says the future belongs to them
and they have to actively take part in the crucial decision making of the

“Truth is 33
years is too long and it’s not surprising to hear alarms from the youth,” said Katikiro
Mayiga before hoping that Uganda undergoes a lawful transition when the right
times comes.




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