Has Hon.
Nandala Mafabi officially ruled out the possibility of the opposition fronting
a single candidate in the 2021 presidential election to stand against incumbent
President Yoweri Museveni?

Nandala Mafabi

appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline Show, Forum for Democratic Change General
Secretary, Mafabi disclosed that FDC is not turning to any party for a
presidential candidate come 2021.

“As a party we
(FDC) shall have a presidential candidate in 2021,” Mafabi said.

According to
Mafabi the opposition is very unreliable because many parties have become
households for Museveni agents.

“Mao is part
of NRM. I get worried, that Mao is always appearing on Frontline, he doesn’t go
to the field to mobilize for DP Frontline should be for us secretary generals
not party presidents,” Mafabi said.

opposition leader applauded Museveni’s strength saying; “President Museveni
said that by 2021, there will be no opposition and he is doing this by using
the opposition to weaken itself.”

Mafabi also
downplayed the relevance of the IPOD Summit as he said it’s only FDC that is
capable of sweeping NRM out of power, all the other parties just dance to the
tunes of the regime.

there are only two parties; NRM and FDC, other parties in IPOD are just “peg
boys” and “flower girls” of NRM. When it comes to IPOD, UPC is
just escorting its “Big brother”, NRM,” he said.




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