Female diva Spice Diana is eating life with a big spoon like her look alike Sheila Gashumba. The ‘Anti –kale’ artiste has come out to assure all those ladies that admire her fashion style and would love to pull off the Spicy look that her daily look costs around Shs2.5 million.

Speaking on a local Radio interview today morning, the beautiful songbird said that she is a fashionista who knows what looks good on her because she studied fashion.

“My wig
since it is not colored costs 1.5m,the shades cost 100k,my camouflage jacket  150k, Adidas 50k, shoes 200k totaling to
around 2.5million.” Spice Diana said.

Spice Diana is well known for her fashion sense and re-inventing international celebrity looks which she effortlessly pulls off.  When questioned why she is called Hajara Namukwaya yet she doesn’t dress like a Moslem even during this Ramathan period.  She responded that she is not a moslem but loves Moslems because her step father who played a role in her education journey was a Moslem hence the name Hajara.

She went on to say that since moslems are fasting ,she is looking for a mosque with poor people  that she can provide with food when they are breaking their fast.




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