Kampala — President Museveni Thursday asked the youth to embrace modern agriculture in order to create wealth and jobs.

The President made the call while meeting leaders of more than 50 youth groups and people with disability (PWDs) in Arua District.

In a State House press statement, Mr Museveni said since he had mobilised Ugandans on poverty eradication, youth should not expect they will get rich through miracles but hard work.

“I have finished my work of mobilising the people about poverty eradication. I have lectures that are on record. If not implemented, in the future when I am not around, the future generations will confront you the leaders that ‘grandparent’ Museveni left everything in documented guidelines to enlighten us and you ignored them,” he said.

The President is currently touring the country mobilising Ugandans on wealth creation and commissioning projects.

During the same meeting, he challenged traditional, religious and political leaders to provide guidance to the masses about good ways that will lead them to prosperity.

“Leaders, encourage your people out of poverty, support government development programmes and desist from diverting them from the right direction. Overnight prayers are not enough. People have to sweat and strive to transform to economic empowerment,” he said.

Mr Museveni urged the youth to be active and embrace development.


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