Businessman Patrick Bitature has challenged self- proclaimed tycoons in Uganda to always have impact on the societies they live in.

Speaking at a fundraising ceremony for scholarships for the Virtual University in Uganda on Thursday evening, Bitature said many people call themselves wealthy but noted they can only qualify to be called so if there is an impact they have created in society.

“I worked hard to accumulate wealth but realised wealth without purpose is worthless. You need to have the purpose for accumulating wealth. You should have an impact by bringing a difference in people’s lives,” Bitature said.

The Simba Group proprietor said as part of his efforts to create impact in people’s lives, he supports schools and health centres in various parts of the country noting that fellow tycoons should emulate him.

“The culture of creating impact is very satisfying. The time between your birth and death dates matters a lot. What you do in that period is what people will always remember you for. Do something that will always remain behind even if you die,” Bitature said.

The businessman also urged Ugandans on education and commitment to accomplish missions they have started.

He noted that the African continent is lagging behind because of lack of enough education but noted that the coming of the internet will now go a long way to improve the situation.

“If we don’t harness the potential of young people by educating them, it will be a disaster.”

Speaking at the function, a senior presidential advisor on ICT, Dr. Ham Mukasa Mulira underscored the importance of technology in shaping the future for Africa.

“The sad reality is that many children face challenges in their attempt to get quality education but with technology, these will be stories of the past,”Mulira said.

“Online learning is now a standalone delivery of quality education.”

He applauded government for the peace and stability, factors he said have ensured an enabling environment for technology to flourish in Uganda.

The Virtual University of Uganda Vice Chancellor, Prof Everd Bikaitwoha Maniple said the online university that was founded in 2011 now boasts of students from 16 countries around the world noting that it targets people with busy schedules that they can’t take time off their work to attend lectures.

“We thought outside the box to use modern technology to offer education but also use it to link individuals to various experts in the world without necessarily moving there,” Bikaitwoha said.

He noted that they put in place a scholarship fund for unprivileged students to get scholarships and be able to attain education.

A number of people either contributed or pledged to contribute towards the scholarship fund.



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