Amidst condemnation
from Opposition, Parliament on Friday passed the 2019/20 financial budget worth
Shs40.5trillion. Outspoken Opposition Member of Parliament Hon. Joseph Gonzaga
Ssewungu has expressed his dissatisfaction towards the budget saying it has no gesture
of goodwill.

Speaking to Matooke
Republic on a phone call interview, Ssewungu said the budget is not people centered.

“The budget
is not people centered; it is centered to benefit the president.” Ssewungu

According to
the Kalungu West Legislator, they (opposition) had a minority budget which was
turned down. He further revealed that Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah told them
to forget and delete their budget.  

Yesterday,  Parliament passed a Shs40.5trillion national
budget for the financial year 2019/20 with a 20percent increment from last year’s
financial  budget which stood at Shs32

 In the new budget, government plans to spend
Shs10.6 trillion on its operations, Shs7.7 trillion for the development
projects and Shs 9.4 trillion is for external financing.

The ministries
that got a lion’s share from the budget include; works and transport sector Shs
6.4 trillion, education ministry Shs3.2 trillion, energy sector Shs2.9
trillion, the health sector Shs2.5 trillion and security departments Shs3.6

Other sectors
were allocated, Shs1 trillion for the agricultural sector, Justice, law and order will get 1.6
trillion and the accountability sector Shs1.9 trillion among others.

The budget
for the next financial year is expected to be financed through different
avenues with Uganda Revenue Authority expected to collect Shs 18 trillion, Shs
1.4 trillion from non –tax revenue, Petroleum fund Shs 445 billion, Local
Government Shs 201 billion, Shs 8.5 trillion from domestic borrowing and Shs10
trillion from external financing.




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