Uganda and Rwanda government are in a trade of allegations regarding the incident in which two people (from both nationalities) were shot dead on Friday.

Nile Post looks at the confusing facts and the real truths regarding the incident;

Who shot?

The two sides agree that there was shooting involved and it was done by Rwandan police personnel.

Who was shot?

Both sides agree that two people were shot, one Rwandan and another Ugandan.

The two sides also agree that the Rwandan was shot and died instantly, while the Ugandan died moments later.

However, while Uganda identified the deceased, Rwanda either deliberately omitted the detail, or does not have their exact identity. Which could most likely point to the fact that it is not them with the bodies.

When were they shot?

The two sides agree that the shooting happened on the night of May 24 (Friday).

Circumstances of shooting

The two sides agree that the Rwanda national was attempting to smuggle goods into Rwanda by the time he was shot dead.

Rwanda government claims that the Rwandan national was shot dead inside Rwanda and the Uganda counterpart was also shot dead as he and a group of other people crossed into the territory armed with machetes.

Uganda government maintains that none of the nationals was armed, indeed, the Ugandan national was only intervening when he was shot.

Rwandan government claims that when the Rwandan national was intercepted with smuggled goods, he was immediately joined by other armed people who attacked the security personnel manning the border.

Uganda government claims that the Rwandan national when intercepted dashed back inside Uganda from where he was shot.

Rwanda government claims that the two people were shot as they tried to run back to Uganda with a gang of machete wielding smugglers and all this happened within the Rwandan border.

Uganda government claims that Rwanda police after shooting dead the two people within Uganda territory, attempted to remove the body but failed, then immediately withdrew.
The government furthers adds that it is in possession of both bodies and will hand over the Rwandan national.

Uganda Police in their statement calls upon Rwanda police to act professionally, they condemn the acts of killing innocent and unarmed civilians.

Rwanda Police fires back; ‘Rwandan security forces will continue to act with professionalism they are known for and on which they need no lectures.”

Confusing ‘facts’

Rwandan government claims that the deceased were shot within Rwandan territory and no one crossed the border. However, the bodies are with Ugandan government.

Rwandan government mentions a motorcycle left behind (with Rwandan registration plates), however Uganda government omits the registration plate of the motorcycle and maintains the deceased returned with it when he was shot within Ugandan territory.

Rwanda police officers shot dead the two nationals within their own territory. The Rwandan died instantly and the Uganda died moments later. The two bodies are with Ugandan authorities and there is no explanation of how people killed in Rwanda by Rwanda police, end up in Uganda.




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