Pastor Augustine Yiga has threatened to sue Nsamba advocates for not giving him
his child. Nsamba advocates where the lawyers of Brenda Nalubega, a lady that
made headlines in 2015 when she dragged Pastor Yiga to court saying that he raped
and impregnated her. She later lost her life to Tuberculosis.

Appearing on a local TV interview Pastor Yiga has finally spoken out on the events that transpired with Nalubega. According to Yiga in 2005 he was in a two weeks relationship with Nalubega but later learnt that she had been set up by rival pastors.

“I had hopes
of getting married to Brenda, She was a very beautiful girl. I was shocked when
a Pastor called me and informed me that I had impregnated a certain girl.” Yiga

 Pastor Yiga also said that when he realized it
was Brenda the Pastors were talking about, he informed them on his plans to get
married to her but he was informed that he would have to wait for her to give

“I never saw
Brenda pregnant, I never saw her breast feeding the child neither did I see the
child.” Yiga added on

He further
said that he was tasked to pay millions of money and was later taken to FIDA in
2007. He said that the rival pastors used the situation to blackmail him.

“I want to
demand my child from Nsamba advocates. If the child is really mine why is he
that side yet the mother died.” Yiga said

Contrary to
Yiga’s story, before her death, Nalubega said that the man of God called her
for a prayer session where he instead raped her and got her pregnant. She also
said that Yiga infected her with HIV and was not looking after the child.

 However the Revival Christian church leader
through his lawyer Faizal Muralila denied the accusations of failing to provide
for the child. He went on to display a payment schedule that his client had
been making at Nabweru Court as proof.




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