(L-R) Hon Bobi wine, Chief Ndiweni, Nelson Chamisa and Hon Babu Owino


Barred from singing at the MDC congress Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi wine) began his speech with an acoustic  performance featuring His nationalistic song “Zukuuka Bambi”

I don’t just feel at home, I am actually home Bobi wine said

Comrades you are our brothers and sisters in every sense. The historical ties between Uganda and Zimbabwe are the same.

The struggles and aspirations of our people are not any different. We share a common heritage only separated by colonial borders.

Throughout history what has united our people most is confronting the common enemy.

We are united by history, destiny and the most common enemy dictatorship. A mission to confront dictatorship an enemy that keeps you awake at night is the same enemy that keeps us awake, what hurts you hurts us.

Bobi Wine delivering a remarkable speech alongside people power spokes person Joel senyonyi

Viva MDC Viva MDC

People chanting, Bobi wine went ahead to teach them the slogan used by the people movement” People Power “and the delegates replied “our power”

He also acknowledged the commitment to the freedom of people in Africa by paying tribute to one of the founding fathers of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai who he went ahead to quote “they brutalized my flesh. But they will never break my spirit”

Thanking leader of MDC Chamisa, he acknowledged him for taking on a spirited fight to push for democracy, good governance and rule of law.

There after he took Uganda through Uganda’s political history which he termed “A story of broken promises, unfulfilled dreams and impunity”

In the case of Uganda, he said President Museveni was a cattle keeper that stood in front of the parliament of Uganda and lied to the nation in 1986 that the problem of Africa was leaders over staying in power but 33 years down the road he is still lying to us and shows no signs of quitting.

The singer turned politician said the new change agents must transcend their ideological differences and focus achieving their common objective.

Concluding his speech he said, a new dawn is upon us to dismantle the strong man syndrome to put an end to gun power and replace it with people power. A People United shall never be defeated.

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