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President Museveni has continued to use his position as NRM Chairman to act in a way that leaves his subordinates at Kyaddondo weakened and demystified. Just hours earlier, Secretary General Kasule Lumumba released a stinging media statement showing the NRM Secretariat’s discomfort with the parallel political mobilization structures being established across the country without CEC approval or involvement of the leadership at Kyaddondo.

Renowned for fearlessly speaking her mind the moment she is convinced this is the right thing, Lumumba in her statement denounced the recently created structures (comprising of three NRM volunteers per village) whose establishment was spearheaded by employees of the Kyambogo-based Office of the National Chairman (ONC) headed by Milly Doka Babalanda who famously likes referring to Museveni as the “Messiah & Archbishop of Development.”

The Babalanda teams have since come up with a database profiling thousands of volunteers drawn from 65,200 villages across Uganda. These comprise of two youth leaders (one female and another male) plus one elder with genuine love and deep ideological understanding of the NRM.

Reliable State House sources say the activity was sanctioned by President Museveni in his capacity as NRM National Chairman who even directed Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso to prepare their facilitation which is yet to come through.

Carefully categorized as “Wealth Creation Ambassadors,” the 3 volunteers per village are meant to intensify anti-opposition political mobilization with specific focus going on explaining the achievability of the President’s wealth creation programs aimed at the economic transformation of especially rural Ugandans while exorcising household poverty. The 3 volunteers are also supposed to popularize the activities of the State House anti-corruption unit headed by Museveni’s new anti-corruption Tsar Lt. Col Edith Nakalema.

Reliable sources close to him say that Museveni considers extreme poverty especially in rural Uganda and ever-worsening political corruption to be his two major failings. He recently told a CEC session in Chobe Safari Lodge (where he even unveiled Babalanda to members telling them she would be in charge of coordinating his Wealth Creation Ambassadors) that he was painfully reflecting on the shame of having to take such an economically very impoverished populace to the East African Federation, a decades old ambition for the region he believes will soon be realized.

He told the same CEC retreat that it’s these two failings that political opportunists like Bobi Wine (as he called them) were riding on demonize him and confuse people to derive political capital for themselves.

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In her weekend missive, Lumumba says the NRM Secretariat and CEC aren’t aware of and don’t yet recognize the structure of Wealth Creation Ambassadors as being established by the ONC based at Kyambogo (ironically near the home of Deputy NRM Treasurer Kenneth Omona).

Kasule Lumumba addressing a recent NRM meeting as her Deputy Richard Todwong looks on


But many are now wondering how far the SG will go creating antagonism between Kyaddondo and several other mobilization efforts the Party Chairman is likely to continue establishing outside the formal party structures. This is so because besides the Babalanda-coordinated ONC Wealth Creation Ambassadors, the big man from Rwakitura has commissioned another parallel 2021 political mobilization effort.


Reliable sources have intimated to Mulengera News that a team of State House operatives directly answerable to PPS Molly Kamukama (another Lumumba archrival) has been dispatched to go and reenergize all elected LC1 Chairpersons and their executive committee members about the wealth creation gospel.

PPS Molly Kamukama who will directly be overseeing the LC1 Chairpersons-related mobilization for the President

The President is ready to generously facilitate this activity to enable them participate in early mobilization activities mainly focusing on the wealth creation program to demystify Bobi Wine and his People Power Movement. “The LC1 Chairpersons are going to be equipped with logistical training requirements like FAQs manuals regarding the President’s ongoing wealth creation mobilization tours so that they intensify the message to eliminate confusion and ideological disorientation being created by opposition propaganda,” a knowledgeable State House source told Mulengera News.

Photo showing a recent NRM political mobilization activity

“Those guys at Kyaddondo just have to mind their business because Mzee can simply not rely on one single approach or method to secure his reelection in 2021. We must all pull in the same direction even when we are doing different things and the end will justify the means which is securing Mzee’s victory in 2021.” (For comments, email us at mulengera2040@gmail.com).




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