The Indian Association in Uganda has donated a police post to Bugolobi community in a bid to curb crime in the area.

During the launch, the police director in charge of Special Duties AIGP Andrew Sorowen called upon officials and the residents to work together with police to reduce crime in their community.

“We used to have the resistance councils. Those guys did a wonderful job in this country. You could not come in this village minus questions, “he said.

He urged the local councils to revive the Sunday meetings stating that it will help to scrutinise the security in the area.

“If a visitor comes, you must report to the chairperson. This will help a lot in reducing crime,” he said.

The mayor of Nakawa division Ronald Balimwezo applauded the members of the community for living an exemplary life.

He stated that the gaps between the poor and the rich must be closed in order to promote peace and unity in the area.

Former Nakawa Member of Parliament who is also a resident of Buglolobi, Fred Ruhindi, urged all the members of the community to work together.

“We should be united. We should promote politics of development, politics of peace,” he said.

Mohan Rao chairperson Indian association Uganda noted that the association shall continue doing charity work as well as serving humanity.
“We do all charity work in this association,we also offer free education, “he noted.

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