Buvuma Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Egunyu Nantume’s bodyguard shot dead a local chairman yesterday (Sunday) for allegedly protesting against the MPs meeting.

The victim has been identified as Sadiq Kizito, a boda boda rider and village chairperson.

According to an eye witness who talked to us on grounds of anonymity, the legislator had set up a meeting to talk to locals at Kiziba landing site but the residents didn’t want her to talk which prompted Sadiq to intercept the MPs team which was setting up speakers before being shot in the mouth.

“The MP had gone to visit Kiziba landing site but the residents didn’t want her to speak to them. She moved inside a house of one of the colleagues to discuss their next move while her team was setting up the speakers. This was the point when Sadiq (now the late) intercepted and told them they won’t set them up because the people don’t want the MP around,”

“Hon. Nantume’s bodyguard who was dressed in casual clothes making it hard for a person to tell who he was then approached Sadiq and asked who he was to refuse the set up. Sadiq too asked the bodyguard who he was to allow the set up. The bodyguard then pushed Sadiq and Sadiq pushed him back. He then pulled out a pistol, shot in the air and then shot Sadiq in the mouth leaving him bleeding profusely and dying a few minutes later,” the eye witness told Nile Post.

Sources told Nile Post that after shooting Sadiq, the bodyguard then went to the boat and picked up a big gun which he pointed in the locals in a way of instilling fear among them in case anyone wanted to attack him.

“They went and picked up the MP and got into the boat, picked up a big gun and pointed it towards the people in a way of scaring whoever intended to attack. We have not heard from Hon. Nantume since then,” one of the locals told Nile Post.

An investigation by Nile Post has found out that the Hon. Natume’s bodyguard, Martin Beema is attached to the Police VIIP unit.

Our efforts to reach the MP for a comment have proved futile as all our numerous calls were unanswered.

Hon. Natume came under the spot in 2017 when locals said that she supported the scraping of the age limit on presidential candidates against their will and this is suspected to be one of the reasons why she was heckled.

This comes barely a week after another body guard of Amolatar District RDC Lillian Eyal shot in the thigh a ‘people power’ movement promoter in the Northern Kyoga region.

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