THE National Association of Parents and Deaf Children, an organisation working to improve inclusive education system accommodating deaf children wants sign languages to be one of the languages taught in all schools.

The meeting that attracted the key stakeholders such as parents, heads of schools, teachers with hearing impairment and students was held at Ntinda on Saturday.

Joyce Nalujja ,the head of the organisation noted that the ministry of Education included local languages in the national education curriculum such Kiswahili, Lusoga, Luganda among others leaving out sign language.

“We want sign language to be introduced in primary school curriculum so that as the children grow, they are aware of sign language. They are aware of deafness,” she said.

She said that children with hearing impairment need to interact with other children in the society in order to promote free interaction with the aim to eliminating negativity.

“We believe that deaf children should be able to learn in an inclusive environment. They need to learn together with their counterparts because they learn a lot from each other, “she said.

She appealed to the ministry of Education to enforce policies in schools more especially those of children with hearing impairment.

“Its better you reach in these schools and get to know their needs, problems and challenges, get the ideas of these people and include them in planning,” she said.


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