MC Kaberenge

Comedian Mc Kaberenge
real name Hassan Ssenyonjo, commonly known for imitating Pastor Aloysius
Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries is  going to lose his private parts (manhood)after
doctors confirmed that he has cancer.

Speaking in
an interview, the comedian said that at first he thought he had contracted a
mere infection in his private parts. But after undergoing several scans at
Mulago Hospital, he was diagnosed with penile cancer.

“I started
feeling pain in my private parts especially when urinating. This forced me to
go to hospital where I was told that I have cancer and was immediately put on
medication,” Mc Kaberenge sorely said.

 “A few months later, doctors told me that the
situation was getting worse hence recommending me to get money and go to India
for an operation,” he further said.

The tearful comedian
said that despite his ever deteriorating health condition, people think he is
making fun out of the situation.

MC Kaberenge

“Right now I
am helpless and whenever I tell people about my problem they think I am trying
to make jokes.  But truth is that my
private parts were diagnosed with cancer and I am looking for money to go in
India,” he said.




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