Seven diplomats from Tanzania, United States, France, Russia, Burundi, South Sudan and Britain have arrived in Rukiga District in western Uganda to witness the handover of the body of the Rwandan businessman who was killed on Friday by the Rwandan soldiers on anti-smuggling mission.

The diplomats on Monday landed at Kabale airfield at midday and they are preparing to move to the border post of Katuna where John Batista Kyerengye body’s is supposed to be handed over to Rwandan authorities.

The are Aziz Ponary Mlima (Tanzania), Jean Bosco Barege( Burundi), Simon Tucker( First Secretary Britain), Clement Noutel ( First Secretary France), Michael Gygrymus ( U. S), Edward Talyzin (Russian embassy) and Simon Micheal Duku( South Sudan).


A Ugandan Nyesiga Alex, and Kyerengye, were reportedly gunned down by the Rwandan soldier, 50 metres inside Uganda after resisting arrest.

The trouble reportedly happened when Karengye aged 25, a resident of Nkoma Cell, Ntarabwe Parish, Burasirazooba Sub-county in Nyagatare attempted to cross back into Rwanda on a motorcycle loaded with merchandise from Uganda. He turned back upon seeing Rwandan security across the border. The Rwandan soldiers pursued him and intercepted him about 50 metres inside Ugandan territory at Hamisavu Trading Centre.

“The victim (Karengye) resisted arrest and was shot in the head and died instantly. The armed soldiers in addition, shot Nyesiga Alex, a Ugandan national, who tried to intervene. He died on the way to a nearby health centre. The Rwandan soldiers retreated to Rwanda after failed attempts to forcibly remove Karengye’s body from Ugandan territory,” a diplomatic note sent by Uganda to Rwanda states.

Foreign Affairs

Officials in the Foreign Affairs ministry said the Uganda government is ready to hand over the body of the deceased Rwandan national today at Katuna border. The source said the body will be handed over to Rwandans official in the presence of US and UK diplomats.

“The government of Uganda protests in the strongest terms the violation of its territorial integrity by Rwandan soldiers and the criminal, brutal and violent act by the Rwandan soldiers, on Ugandan territory, against unarmed civilians.

“The ministry demands that action be taken against the perpetrators of this attack. The Government of Rwanda is strongly urged to take appropriate measures to avoid recurrence of such provocative incidents in the future,” the protest letter by Uganda’s foreign affairs ministry states.


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