Following a directive from the party chairman, who also doubles as the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, to recruit 200,000 cadres at all villages around the country has created chaos in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

A directive from the President through the NRM chairman’s office was issued on May 15 to recruit at least three cadres in each village.

The cadres recruited should be One male, a female all below 35 years of age and another adult above 35 years all subscribing to the NRM party and should be able to sensitise fellow villagers on the operation wealth creation campaign.

All in total, at least 200,000 cadres are expected to be recruited as per the directive  through the chairman’s office and this particular project in charge are Kirunda Farouk and Milly Babalanda.

However on hearing the news things did not go well as  the  party’s Secretary General Kasule Lumumba, chose to distance herself  from the move as well as thwart it in the media.

Following the directive, Lumumba also issued a statement distancing the party from such recruitment.

“There is no formal decision or directive of any Organ of the National Resistance Movement made specifically to identify and/or recruit the three (3) cadres per village; as is being implied in some of the social media platforms mentioned above,” Lumumba said in the statement issued May 24.

“As the custodian of the minutes of Organs of the National Resistance Movement, inclusive of the Central Executive Committee meetings, I can state with no fear of contradiction, that the above recruitment drive is certainly not part of the 7-point Chobe Resolutions,” she added.

The NRM Electoral Commission chairman, Tanga Odoi in a different address has blasted Lumumba, claiming she had no right to contradict the President’s directive.

“Who is she to contradict the chairman of the party and go against CEC? If the chairman made a mistake, Lumumba has not right to run to the press, she meets the president more often, she should meet him and discuss the matter. This is nonsense and must stop,” Tanga said.

“If you are given a small coat don’t make it bigger, She (Lumumba) has failed to pay staff at the secretariat for five months, just 20 staff. Now she is criticising the head of state and I wont keep quiet. Those simplicities should stop.”

Tanga said the president is on the right course to recruit cadres in villages for the operation wealth creation campaign.

A source close to the chairman’s office confides that the recruitment exercise is targeting youth as a way of countering Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu(Bobi Wine), and his People Power pressure group.

The trouble however stems from the fact that the President has skipped Lumumba and instead channeled resources and authority to his office.


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