Two people have so far been confirmed dead and over 20 overs injured in an accident that happened at Kayabwe town in Mpigi District, along the  Kampala-Masaka Highway.

The global coach bus registration number UBB 195N came into collision head-on with a tipper truck registration number UAY 069W  while travelling from Mbarara to Kampala. The tipper truck was heading to Lwera to fetch sand.

Global coach bus after the accident. several people sustained injuries after collision with the tipper truck and were rushed to Nkozi hospital.

The accident happened Tuesday morning on eid day around 8.30am. Eyewitness account blamed the accident on the bus driver Nsiimenta Boaz who reportedly tried to overtake another vehicle and came into collision with the Tipper truck.

what remained of the tipper truck UAY 069w after the collision. The turn boy of the truck died on spot.

According to daily monitor, the acting police spokesperson for katonga region blamed the accident on reckless driving and fog. “The bus driver was overtaking another vehicle at a terrible speed near a traffic police checkpoint at Katonga River,” he said.


MR Nsiimenta Boaz the Global Coach bus driver who was blamed for reckless driving. (bukedde photo)

One person died on the spot who was known to be the trucks turn boy and the other died on arrival at Nkozi Hospital.

The wreckages of both vehicles were transported to kayabwe police station while the injured were rushed to Nkozi hospital.

The two deceased were transported to Mulago hospital for a post mortem.

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