It has been quite an eventful week! We have had news breaking on various issues all week long. Some stories have been good, while others have been bad. Here is a look at some of the stories that have dominated this week;

Muhammad Nsereko and People Power

This week, Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko made the headlines with his cries to Bobi Wine and People Power to come out and “control” their supporters who he feels are ganging up against him. We have since come to learn that Nsereko may have been attempting to broker negotiations between Museveni and Bobi Wine-apparently. This comes as a shocker to many who have been believing that the popular “rebel” MP left NRM for good to join the voices of opposition. In a back to back exchange with his critics online, Nsereko made a bad situation worse by engaging in personal petty attacks and spreading a few clear lies. What shocked us most was his denial of never having been to Bobi Wine’s home and yet videos clearly exist of him there-clad in People Power’s red uniform.

It is also clear that the legislator is frustrated about the possibility of People Power fronting a candidate in the next election in his constituency.

To all his wailing and attention seeking, the official answer from the People Power camp to Nsereko has been clear, “We are busy with more important things!”

Bobi Wine in Europe

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi has also continued his European tour this week. He has met a number of fans and supporters of People Power in Europe who continued to encourage him and add their voices to the many calling for change in Uganda. He also appeared on France 24 TV in an interview where he spoke about the recent developments in Uganda and reiterated his commitment to offer himself as a candidate for the opposition forces in Uganda to challenge Museveni come 2021.

National Budget reading

This week, we have also had a focus on the national budget. The Minister of Finance read the budget on Thursday highlighting the NRM government plans for expenditure in the next financial year. However, as we noted in our commentary, the process has become a routine with no serious bearing. This year, Parliament passed the budget without even debating it. This is a clear indication that Uganda politicians are fatigued with the useless budgeting process which is often cast aside to follow Museveni’s own plans for expenditures. As is always, we are expecting incidences of unplanned and unclassified expenditures and requests for supplementary budget allocations as we go along.

The Bamugemereirwe Commission

The Land Commission of Bamugemereirwe has also been in the news. It is the second victim of Museveni following his recent dismissal of Jennifer Musisi and her leadership at KCCA. Unlike the verbal attacks on Musisi, this time round Museveni mocked Bamugemereirwe through an act of awarding medals of heroism to UPDF soldiers who openly defied and blocked the Lady Justice and her Commissioners access to a disputed land in Mbuya. For a man who tasked her with cleaning up the land mess in Uganda, Museveni was quite disrespectful to pat on the back those who stood in her way. We continue to wonder why the President is fighting his own messenger. Has she zeroed in on his small circle of looters in this country?

The Bank of Uganda Money Heist

The week had been filled with news of a letter from Speaker of Parliament to the COSASE committee to stop any further investigations into BOU as was being asked for by the Munyagwa commission. While we thought that was the end of it, news broke of another major BOU scandal in which its officials have been arrested by Police and the State House Anti-Corruption team for allegedly printing a whooping 90 Billion Shillings. While the details are still being gathered, the story is that some employees of the Central Bank have been using their access to print themselves extra cash in the official BOU cash consignments. It is also alleged that some tycoons and agencies use the official BOU classified transport to import and export certain valuable merchandise. The extent of this scam and scandal will be analysed in the coming days and will go to show the extent of rot that the NRM government has brought this country to.

Hosting People Power Spokesperson

Let me end by talking about last night’s interesting discussion with Joel Ssenyonyi who spoke to us via live broadcast. He touched a number of subjects and answered questions from our followers around the world. Mr. Ssenyonyi also thanked all those that continue to add their voices and energy to the struggle to redeem Uganda.

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