Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine has today celebrated jailed Makerere University professor Dr. Stella Nyanzi who was arrested last year on claims of abusing the President’s mother in a face book post.

The influential legislator and people power leader through his social media platforms announced the professor’s 45th birthday that she is actually enjoying from Luzira prison on charges of posting on her Facebook wall indecent words against the president and his late mother.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi who celebrated her 45th Birthday today was arrested last year and has been under detention for no other crime other than speaking truth to power and boldly against injustice, corruption, nepotism and bad governance.

In a face book post, Bobi wine said jail will never stop the truth. “Even while she is behind the thick walls of Luzira Maximum Security prison, she is not silent. She has refused to be silenced by the prison walls. Her resolve is not diminished.”

In a bid to celebrate her courage and sacrifice, He went ahead to post one of the 45 powerful poems Stella has written from Luzira prison.




Truth is like a big Mutuba tree;

Even after chopping it down with an axe,

A strong shoot from the trunk we’ll see.

Truth remains, although it wane or wax.

Although the dictatorship may frighten me

Yet from the truth, I’ll never go lax.

Freedom of speech, internet that’s free!

Truth pervades in spite of the OTT tax.


Truth is like the stain of Matooke sap

Once it enters the fabric of one’s clothes

No amount of strong stain-remover

Can remove it from the stained clothes.


Truth is like a bone of the Tilapia fish

If accidentally eaten as one feared

One must spit it out or choke to death

Truth can never be swallowed or disappeared.


Truth is like a rocket sitting in the chest

If forced down the trachea to avoid shame

It bursts out in the loudest of coughs.

Truth cannot be choked or hidden.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi (2019)


“Happy birthday Stella, May history be kind to you, May posterity never forget your role in the struggle for a free Uganda,” wished the legislator.

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