Kyadondo East  Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi  Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine on Wednesday paralyzed Mbarara town on his way back from Buhweju where he had gone for the burial of Mzee Donobio Tibangana father to fellow legislator Francis Mwijukye.

Bobi wine, Zaake and Basalirwa waving to People Power Supporters

Bobi wine held a procession across Mbarara town together with Hon. Francis Zaake, Hon. Basalirwa and others.

The People Power movement Crew had travelled to Buhweju for the funeral of Mzee. Zonobio Tibangana, father to Member of Parliament Hon. Francis Mwijukye who is also a resident of Kyadondo East Consitituency.

 “We pray that God rests Mzee’s soul in eternal peace, and pray for strength upon the family as they cope with this very big loss,” he said.

However on his way back, Bobi wine stopped at Baguma’s restaurant in Mbarara town for lunch and to his surprise by the time lunch was done, thousands of People Power supporters had gathered outside the restaurant demanding that at least he addresses them or waves at them.

Bobi wine obliged to the demands of his supporters and waved at the crowd leaving them happy people.

Hardly had Bobi wine departed, The Uganda police team showed up from no where and started firing tear gas towards the crowd of non- violent citizens.

He however applauded the people of Mbarara for standing firm and granting the People Power team protection until they left town.

“Thank you, Mbarara! I can promise that we shall come back soon” said Bobi wine



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One thought on “Bobi wine’s People Power leaves Mbarara town Paralyzed”
  1. Teargassers of nonviolent citizens are Museveni regime saboteurs. It is totally uncalled for dirty work.

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