Last evening, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu joined thousands of people mourning the sudden demise of our gentle soul and committed freedom fighter Omulangira Suuna Golooba. He has been an integral member of our team serving as the administrator of the Facebook Live platform.

Last evening, an online fund collection platform was opened to help raise money in condolence with the family of Suuna Golooba. This will help to transport the body from South Africa to Uganda and any other burial related arrangements.

You too can join the hundreds of generous people contributing to this campaign. To DONATE, click HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Bobi Wine pays tribute to Omulangira Suuna as campaign to raise condolence money trends”
  1. I appreciate the work done by the Admins of this plat form your effort and submission
    Thank you Fazir Mayanja and others ,
    Rip Golooba your effort will always be remembered on this struggle of liberating our nation Uganda Olutalo nga luwedde tuliyambala engule People power our power✊


    To Golloba’s mother, family, friends and People Power Movement; to the people of Uganda and the World. It is such a great loss and demise for such a young patriotic Hero who loved his country beyond boarders.
    It is hard to explain Omulangira Suuna, the unique and exceptional qualities he had has left many in tears. His softness and articulation convinced many to his side!!

    Born 34 years ago, towards the end of NRA bush war, raised and educated in the village, Suuna would latter emerge as the face book icon under People power Movement; a movement that is fighting for restoration of rule of law in Uganda-among other things. He has been giving and sharing potent voice for the voiceless and the oppressed. His down to earth character won many hearts in bid for social, economical and political justice.

    We can agree to disagree he always said, no doubt this earned him many accomplishments on Facebook and all his followers. He could admit imperfection……….we loved him so much. And that is the reason we learned from him. His Luganda humor won him millions of hearts.

    He has taught many the power of ideas and action. Having lived in South Africa for so long. Golooba taught us the real meaning of “Ubuntu”……….that we can live together much as we have differences.
    Golooba is gone and we will never see him again. But let me say this to the young people of the World and Uganda in particular……….you too can!!!!

    We will miss him deeply. May God bless his soul
    Golooba R.I.P

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