Information reaching us is that the Uganda Investment Authority is involved in a scandal in which a government official sold it 400 acres of land to use for the development of an industrial Park.

Peter Omodoi, the programs officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, appeared before the commission of inquiry into land matters after residents accused him of grabbing and selling community land to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA)

The shock comes in when we learn how much this “smart” NRM cadre bought this land for. It has been revealed that he procured the land at a mere Forty Five Million shillings (45 million)!

Let this sink in well. 45 million shillings for 400 acres of land. Just 1, 2, 3….45 million shillings for a whooping 400 acres of land! So this points at two things; either this gentleman is the smartest bargainer that ever graced the planet earth, or the levels of corruption and oppression of the poor in Uganda have reached a record low!

45 million Uganda shillings for 200 acres of land!

Let us put this in context. The size of an acre of land is estimated to be roughly the size of a standard football stadium. Yes, that big. It contains roughly 9 plots of 50*100 for those familiar with the Ugandan real estate market. So this gentleman bought roughly 3,600 football fields at just 45 million shillings. Each football field then cost him just 12,500 shillings only! Each acre of this valuable land cost him 112,500 shillings only! That is just 2 fifty thousand (50,000) shilling notes for an acre of land!

So if this is not a representation of the shamelessness and depth to which this country has sunk into corruption and abuse of power, what then is?

And this is the same government that wants to pass the Land Amendment Act to allow it compulsory land acquisition! A government whose officials “buy” land from the poor at 100,000shs per acre!


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