Uganda Police force is on the spot over the fate of the thousands of boda bodas that they impound from motorists lately in Kampala.

Traffic Policemen arrest a boda boda motorist and confiscate his motorcycle

Traffic operations against boda boda cyclists are common nowadays, and these especially happen at traffic light junctions. It is not uncommon to see a traffic warden or police officer rushing to grab and confiscate a boda boda that your are being ridden on. This is done for a number of reasons including lack of a safety helmet or poorly displayed registration plate.

However, many of the arrested riders never pick up their motorcycles, which end up taking up to five years at the police station yards. The question then arises, what does Police do with these motorcycles?

One of the Police spokespersons, Onyango laboured to explain that most of the riders who fail to turn up to claim their motorcycles lack the requisite requirements and therefore fear reprimand by the Police. They therefore choose to abandon them. He however could not provide a straight answer to what the Police then does with these automobiles.

Boda Bodas rotting at Police station

As the rate of theft of boda bodas in the country grows and several motorists have their lives at stake, some of the analysts believe that Police’s habit of habitually confiscating boda bodas could be contributing to the rampant crime. It is assumed that those who lose their motorcycles in this way are tempted to use unscrupulous means to regain a boda boda in order to continue making a living.

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