When Bobi Wine talks about wearing the crown in the new world or “okwambala engule”, many people perhaps fail to see that he is calling for a new world in which there is equal opportunity for all, in which every child born has the hope “suubi” to make it in life.

In the past few weeks, the internet has been crazy with the story of Henry Kiyimba Suubi, a freshman student of Makerere University who caught the eye of many after being cyber-bullied for his less than favourable status. He has since risen to the stage as various people come out to help him live a more comfortable life.

Henry Suubi with Mak VC

Henry Suubi Kiyimba’s dream of becoming an engineer has even been boosted with a full scholarship from Joadah Consult.

In a letter dated August 14, 2019, Joadah Consult, an Engineering company, informed Makerere University Vice Chancellor of its intention to give an offer for a full scholarship to Suubi for a course in Mechanical Engineering.

The letter offering Suubi a full scholarship

To clear any doubts, the company requested for a memorandum of understanding between them, the university and the student. Joadah Consult, is one of the leading infrastructure consultancy companies in Africa, running key projects such as the Expansion of Mulago National referral hospital.

Suubi’s story is also the story of Bobi Wine who rose from the ghettos of Kamwokya to become a celebrated national musician, a member of Parliament and now a Presidential hopeful come 2021.

And just like many who laughed at Suubi and his metallic suitcase, many still laugh at Bobi Wine as a weed-smoker owing to his troubled past. However, what these cynics forget is that just like Suubi, their cynicism only draws Bobi Wine closer to the people and to win their support.

Suubi is gifted a smart phone by a well wisher

Naturally, human beings love hero stories. Aupal Emmanuel the campus bully helped to build the story of Suubi our hero. The NRMgovernment and all other naysayers are helping to build a hero-Bobi Wine, a man with flaws but who aspires for a better world.

Suubi meets Aupal who took his picture

By coming out in large numbers to help Suubi, Ugandans will surely and can come out similarly in large numbers to support Bobi Wine in 2021, if for any reason, to stand up to the bully! We have showed ourselves as a people capable of such charity.

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