There has been tension at the Masindi District Local government  headquarters following the closure of the Chief Administrative officer’s office (CAO) by  the district councilors led by the District Chairman Mr John Nyakahuma.

The closure of the CAO’s office paralysed operations living all workers attached to his office stranded with nowhere to work.

Mr. Byaruhanga told one of our sources that he was following the speaker’s ruling on the motion presented in the council which included locking the CAO out of his own office and possessing of all salaries.

“ I am following the speaker’s ruling on the motion presented in the council to send away the CAO and part of the work ii to lock his office and halt all transactions [in his office] apart from  [the possessing of] salaries,” Mr Byaruhanga told journalists on Monday.

District Council members allegedly accuse the CAO of abuse of office, a claim he strongly denies. The council unianimously recommended the transfer of Mr. Nyakahuma  halting him from conducting any further expenditures from the district accounts.

Much as the CAO is accused of abuse of Office, the RDC masindi  defended him warning that it is not mandate of the district council to remove the CAO from office

Civil Servants attached to the CAO’s office stranded

The District Secretary for social services   Ms. Karungi who also doubles as a councilor noted that the  CAO has over time altered the district budget meant to pay road gangs without approval and Knowledge of the district chairperson and the district council.

She alleged that the district lost over  Shs47.4 million at the end of the 2018/2019 financial year yet the money was meant the purchase of motorcycles for extension workers in the district production department but the CAO had diverted it.

She further noted that CAO does not respect anyone and he has a poor working relationship with the district executive committee, technical staff and the district council to the extent that he makes payments according to who is his friend.

However , Mr Nyakahuma described the act of closing his office as unlawful and accusations against him as false saying he has all the reasons and evidence to explain his innocence adding that the council is taking actions even before the Local government technical team releases a report about the complaints investigated.

“The allegations are false 100 percent. I have all the evidence to explain my innocence. Whatever I have done is within the law. Whatever they have done has not affected me at all. I am working normally.  I have just signed the Road fund agreements and now heading to a budget retreat in Kampala,” Mr Nyakahuma said.  “Sometime back, they complained to the Ministry of Local Government which sent a technical team to verify their claims. They are taking actions even before receiving any outcomes from a technical committee that investigated their complaints,” he said.

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