Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, who is fondly referred to as Bobi Wine continues to make lemonade from the lemons that life gives him. He has for long responded to the banner put on him especially by those in the ruling NRM government that he is a drug addict and a hooligan.

Bobi Wine in a show of humour posted a picture of himself alongside 4 other elite members of the People Power pressure group saying;

“The lumpens of 2019 taking on the bandits of the 1980s. We are the proud #PeoplePower hooligans as they love to call us.”

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In response to this post, several supporters of the legislator responded with comments such as “Am a proud lumpen too”, “I will be a lumpen come 2021 too”, “Our lumpen president” and so on.
It should now be clear to the NRM and its establishment that branding Bobi Wine a lumpen or drug addict is not going to help their case or make him any less loved by his base. If anything, it is this alienation and character assassination by the regime that endears Bobi Wine to the masses.
Society and people indeed love a good hero story. Bobi Wine is one such hero who represents a group of people that were once looked down upon but have risen to make themselves notable. He is a motif for the common man finally standing upon to claim his rights from the noble class. He is a force of resistance, a front at which all those that seek to unseat a 35-year-old dictatorship will line.
In the same spirit, Bobi Wine went ahead to post a poem or song to inspire and encourage People Power activists who continue to face government oppression from all corners of the country;

Let freedom reign from Kaabong to Kisoro.

Let freedom reign from Koboko to Busia.

Let freedom reign from Lamwo to Rakai.

Let freedom reign from Ntoroko to Manafwa.

Let freedom reign from Zombo to Moroto.

Let freedom reign in all corners of our country. In all valleys and on all mountains. In markets and ghettos. In offices and schools. In mosques and churches. In stone quarries and building sites. In taxi parks and boda boda stages. Let freedom reign.

The “lumpen” Bobi Wine speaking to crowds of other “lumpens”
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