….Otherwise, using the still incomplete technology of the cameras and other methods, the suspected criminals in the following cases have been arrested and presented to the Courts:

  1. The Susan Magara case, 9 suspects have been arrested. They are already in the High Court. Two suspects are known but are still on the run.
    2. In July 2018, robbers attacked Muto Hardware shop in Masaka and robbed Sh. 400m. Two people were shot. A gun from a Reserve Force Personnel was robbed. The gun has been recovered plus 2 other illegal guns from that group. 8 suspects were tried in Court Martial and 3 have so far been convicted to 40 years each. Others are awaiting their sentence.
    3. In Ssenge Wakiso, criminals attacked a veteran, Mrs. Bakari; the Police responded to the neighbour’s alarm, one robber was shot dead. The Police recovered a telephone hand-set on site. 3 other suspects were arrested. They are in Court.
    4. The arrests in the Ssenge, Wakiso case, led to another robbery in Kiboga of Shs. 33million at Bukomero trading centre. Those robbers, were riding on motor-cycles. They tried to escape on motor-cycles. The wanainchi chased them and killed one of them. Another one was injured in the robbery, he could not run and his colleagues killed him so that he is not captured by the Police and reveal information about them. Nevertheless, from the clues left by the criminals, one of them was arrested in Namutumba and another one in Bukomansimbi. The gun they were using was recovered from a hotel in Kiboga. Apparently, these 2 robbers were also linked to the crime in Muto, Masaka.
    5. On the 11th of June, 2019, responding to information, the Police recovered 2 guns from Lugala, Masanafu. One person was arrested, but another one ran away. When the guns were taken to scientific analysis, it was found that they had been used in 5 robberies and murders as follows:
  2. The case of Kikumbi Zone, Bunamwaya, where a Turkish national was robbed of his medicine bag, thinking that it contained money;
    II. On the 14th of May, a mobile money dealer known as Mwesigwa was going home in the area of Kabusu, was robbed of sh. 610,000 and a student of Uganda Martyrs’ University was shot dead. The cartridges recovered from the scene, matched the gun recovered;
    III. On the 17th of May, 2019, a mobile money agent known as Nalukwago Sanyu in Kajjansi C-cell Zone was fired at and they robbed Sh. 18million from her; they had been trailing her using vehicle Toyota Wish Reg. Number UBE 418A;
    IV. On the 10th of May in Mbale, the Police planned to intercept these criminals; in the process, one Police officer was killed and others were injured; and
    V. On the 10th June, 2 young women, Nakabubi and Nalwadda, were killed at Zzana Cell, Ssabagabo. All these were crimes by the group that was using the guns of Lugala, Masanafu. Those that are arrested are:

1) Lance Corporal Mubale, formerly of UPDF;
2) Private Anican Bob, formerly of UPDF;
3) Private Mwangusho of UPDF, formerly;
4) Ntale Issa alias Ganja – a boda boda rider.

What is most annoying, is that 3 of these had been soldiers at Kabamba and in 2006, they robbed a car only to find somebody who knew them- whom they decided to kill in order to conceal their crime. They were discovered, tried and sentenced to death by the Court Martial. The Civilian Court reduced the Sentence to only 18 years and, recently, the same Civilian System released them. As a consequence of the actions of those Civilian courts rubbishing the work of the guardians of peace, a total number of 4 Ugandans have died needlessly and the freedom fighters had to, again, burn the midnight candle so as to arrest these killers, again. They are now in the Court- Martial, again.

As I write now, the killers of Nagirinya have all been arrested, including the red-jacketed character, that was driving Nagirinya’s car after killing her.

Therefore, two issues on crime, Number one, the criminals will all be caught, even the killers of Kagyezi Joan, the Moslem sheikhs etc.

It is a matter of time. We have clues on all these. Secondly, Political leaders must harmonize with the Courts on the issue of the fundamental concept of Justice. The NRM concept, for most of the time, is an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. It is only in politics where we adopted reconciliation as a strategy. Part of the reason for being soft in reconciliation is that we had already punished our opponents seriously in war. It is, therefore, not correct to say that those mistake- makers were not punished. They were punished in the conflict. With peace, it was in the national interest to reconcile. This is totally different from the phenomenon of Civilian Courts condoning, aiding and abetting crime by, contrary to the wishes of the country, exonerating criminals. This is promoting impunity.

Even in the case of Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa, the police have already made some arrests. The criminals will all be found. We need to work on the courts. They need to move quickly on the cases of murder, rape, and terrorism, the big backlog of cases notwithstanding. The punishments must also be severe, including the hanging of Killers. The NRM always believes in the Law of Moses: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


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